Meet a Staffer: Dr. Brady Quirk, Principal

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch, Meet a Staffer

What’s it like to work for Launch? We spent a day following Dr. Brady Quirk, Launch’s Principal of Virtual Learning, to learn a bit about his role.


7:24 a.m.: As many Launch team members are still arriving at the office, Dr. Quirk is already at his desk checking his email. It’s a Monday, and he has multiple meetings on his morning agenda. “I wanted to take care of a few things early today,” Dr. Quirk says.

9:28 a.m.: Dr. Kim Spence, Launch’s Assistant Principal who oversees secondary learning, walks into Dr. Quirk’s office. The two have a meeting to discuss proposed changes in Launch’s grading process. “We’re making adjustments to our practices so student grades better reflect the learning that’s occurring,” Dr. Quirk says. “Our goal is to more-closely align virtual grading practices with seated practices.” 

10:15 a.m.: Dr. Nichole Lemmon, Launch’s Director, joins in on the meeting. Dr. Lemmon and Dr. Quirk are planning to present these changes to the Executive Leadership Team at Springfield Public Schools later this week. After the plan is presented to SPS administrators it will be shared with Launch partner districts.

11:30 a.m.: Dr. Quirk heads down the hall for his Launch leadership team meeting. “Dr. Lemmon and I meet with the Launch team managers every Monday,” he says. These weekly sessions are a great way for Dr. Quirk to stay informed on all-things Launch, as the Development, IT and Partner Engagement team managers share department updates.

12:32 p.m.: Monday meetings always take a lot of concentration—it’s time for some brain food! Dr. Quirk heads to the Launch Virtual Learning Center’s cafe for lunch. “I’m having leftover pasta today,” Dr. Quirk says. “Since quarantine started we’ve been cooking at home a lot, and I’ve tried a ton of new recipes. I made baba ganoush last week!”

1:28 p.m.: Dr. Quirk quickly responds to a few emails, then begins working on his agenda for tomorrow’s meeting with the Launch counseling team—one of multiple teams he meets with weekly as a part of his role. “Being an online principal is a new adventure for me,” Dr. Quirk says. “But ultimately, it’s my job to work with multiple student service teams to ensure quality online learning is taking place.” 

3:57 p.m.: As the clock nears 4, Dr. Quirk takes one last look at his email before heading out—up next is a trip to the Y for an evening workout. "I try to exercise as often as I can," Dr. Quirk says. "It's a great stress reliever for me."