Partnering to Provide

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch


When looking to provide virtual course options to students, districts that partner with Launch benefit in a multitude of ways.

Have you heard the news? Launch is listed in the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) Course Catalog. Launch was added to the catalog in late summer 2019 and now appears alongside nine other courseware providers. But we feel that providing students with virtual education opportunities is about much more than simply choosing from a name on a list. That’s why we still partner with districts statewide to provide our virtual courses to Missouri students.

Launch had 236 partners at presstime, and students at these 236 partner districts were previously (and still are) eligible to take Launch courses due to Launch acting as a Local Educational Agency (LEA) provider. Every teacher that Launch hires is a Missouri teacher that lives in and works at a Missouri school district. Every course that Launch writes is aligned to Missouri Learning Standards. Every school district Launch partners with is a Missouri school district. Are you seeing a pattern here? Unlike multiple options in the MOCAP catalog, Launch is a product that was and continues to be designed, developed and delivered by Missouri educators for Missouri students.