Summer Learning for Every Student: Ava

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch

Ava High School student Carter Crews balanced a full-time job with two summer camps, two vacations and Launch’s Health course.

Carter Crews is a busy student. In addition to keeping up on her grades, she also runs cross country and participates in pep club and technology club during the school year. And she doesn’t slow down during her time off, either. “Last summer I had a full-time job at the city pool as a lifeguard,” Carter says. “I worked six days almost every week and averaged about 45 hours each week. I also went on two week-long summer camps, and two weekend family vacations.” As a rising senior at Ava High School, Carter wanted to take a class online to add some flexibility to her senior year schedule, so she added Launch’s health course to her already-busy summer schedule.
     “I balanced my work and vacations with my online class by getting up an hour to an hour and a half early,” Carter says. “I didn’t like that I couldn’t sleep in, but the online work allowed me not to sit in a classroom like traditional summer school.” As she looks back on her last summer, she says she is happy with her experience. “I would tell other students it’s a good option to help complete credits, and it’s easy to use,” Carter says. As for this summer, Carter won’t be enrolling in Launch—instead, she’s preparing for her time in college. “I’m excited about starting college in the fall,” Carter says. “I plan on attending Missouri S&T.”