Anatomy of a Course: American Baseball History

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch, Course Highlights


Students in this course study American history as it unfolded alongside the development of America’s favorite pastime.

Launch’s American Baseball History course features engaging assignments that are sure to entertain baseball lovers and history buffs alike. While the majority of the course covers the history that took place from the early 1800s through World War II, the final few themes include more modern content. Students participate in multiple culminating events, watch and reflect on multiple films and have several opportunities to collaborate with classmates located statewide.

Presenting on the Pastime:
For a culminating event in this course, students pick a decade (their choice, from 1880 to 1940) and build a presentation that discusses the developments of baseball and events of American History during that time frame. Students narrate their presentation from a first-person perspective, then share it on a discussion board and discuss it with their classmates.

Movie Mania:
Students watch three movies in this course—Eight Men Out, 42 and A League of Their Own—then complete assignments related to the films. After watching Eight Men Out, students write a paper about the ideas of capitalism and socialism in relation to baseball.


Course Facts:

Course Type: Social Studies
Credits: Half (0.5) credit course
Estimated Completion Time: 1 Semester/9-18 weeks

Course Topics:

Theme 1: Origins of the Sport
Theme 2: Professionalism and the National Pastime
Theme 3: Baseball and the Troubles of Big Business
Theme 4: Baseball and America from the Progressive Era through the Roaring 20s
Theme 5: Baseball, the Great Depression and World War II
Theme 6: Baseball and the African American Experience
Theme 7: Baseball and Post-War America
Theme 8: Baseball and America in the 1970s and 1980s