Communication Kit

When it's time to share information on Launch, we are here to help! The following materials are available free of charge to all Launch partner school districts. Please feel free to customize the below materials for your school district and use them in your communication to parents, students, district employees and community stakeholders.


Communication Materials

The Launch course catalog is always growing, as we are always adding more virtual learning options to expand student course access. Download and share these resources when students are ready to get enrolled or get started with their courses.

K-12 Course Catalog - 2022/2023
Launch Quickstart
Alternative Programming
Dual Credit
English Language Development
Gifted Education
Launch Live
Parent Portal
Special Education

Launch Logos

We love Launch, and we hope you do, too! Use our official logo when you post about Launch on your district website or make your own resources to use with our brand.

Launch Logo (.png)
Launch Logo (.eps)
White Launch Logo (.png)
White Launch Logo (.eps)
Launch Logo (ALT) (.png)
White Launch Logo (ALT) (.png)
Launch Logo (ALT) (.svg)
White Launch Logo (ALT) (.svg)

Social Media & Website Language

Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words! Share these images on your district’s social media account, and be sure to include your own customized announcement about how your district offers online courses. Don’t forget to tag us @fueledbylaunch!

Online Options! (1920x1080)
Virtual Course Access (1920x1080)
Don't see the resource you need or looking for a more customized solution for your district? Send an email to [email protected], fill out a communication request, or give us a call at (417) 523-0417 if you have more questions.