ACT Prep

ACT Preparation is a course designed to give students an opportunity to prepare to take the ACT (American College Test). Students will spend half the course on the verbal (English, Reading, and Writing) sections and the other half on the Mathematics and Science Reasoning sections of the test. This class will focus on learning and practicing strategies as well as reviewing content to improve scores. Concepts reviewed include grammar and punctuation rules; algebra, geometry, and trigonometry principles; and reasoning skills for interpreting charts and graphs.

Credits:  Half (0.5) Credit Course
Estimated Completion Time: 1 semester/9-18 weeks

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Course Scorecard

Overall Satisfaction


* Scores are based on student ratings out of 5.
"I learned a lot about the different parts of the ACT and how to approach them. I learned test taking strategies that will help a lot when I take the ACT."
–Student Survey Response

The student will learn:

  • Recognize and practice universal test-taking strategies for the ACT.
  • Investigate, review, and practice problems involving all strands of mathematics.
  • Evaluate and assess the different types of reasoning skills as presented on the Science Reasoning section.
  • Evaluate prose and nonfiction passages for content and style and assess information found in the Reading section.
  • Assess grammar, punctuation, and rhetorical mode as they contribute to the style, organization, and focus of a given passage in the English section.
  • Apply written communication concepts to create a thesis-driven argument based upon a given prompt from the Writing section.

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