Digital Communications

Jared Chester

Digital Communications

This course is designed to teach students various digital input and manipulation methods. Emphasis is placed on typing personal and business letters and reports. The students will explore proper keyboarding technique, voice and handwriting recognition. Units on file management email and 10-key will also be covered.

Credits: 0.5 (per semester)
Estimated Completion Time: 1 semester/9-18 weeks
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Course Scorecard

Overall Satisfaction

* Scores are based on 140 student ratings out of 5.

“This class teaches you about the actual life skills using a computer like writing a proper email. “
“I enjoyed learning more about computers and how to navigate without having any problems.”Student Survey Responses


The student will learn:

  • Use proper keyboarding technique and increase computer proficiency
  • Integrate new technology used in business and how to safely navigate the world
  • Integrate new technology resources when creating memos and emails
  • Integrate emerging technology while create personal business letters and business letters
  • Format MLA reports and a Works Cited page
  • Create tables
  • Navigate and use MS Office and/or Google Docs

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