Japanese I

In Japanese I, the student begins to understand, speak, read and write Japanese. Conversational skills using the present tense and practical vocabulary are emphasized. Students also begin to study the culture of Japanese-speaking peoples

Credits: 1.0 (0.5 per semester)
Estimated Completion Time: 2 semesters/18-36 weeks
 NCAA Approved

Course Scorecard

Overall Satisfaction

* Scores are based on 58 student ratings out of 5.

“While the many kana and phrases were difficult to remember, this class was perfect– not too challenging, but not too relaxed. I learned a lot and would highly recommend it to all my peers.”Student Survey Response

The student will learn:

  • Students will learn how to introduce themselves and inquire information such as name, nationality, age, birth date, job, grade level, like, dislike, and phone number.
  • Students will learn two of three Japanese writing systems.
  • Students will introduce and inquire information about family members using 3rd person pronouns, various family pronouns, and job vocabularies.
  • Students will identify and recall weather related expressions and interpret Japanese weather forecast information for major cities. Further, students will learn specialties of each major city and express for what each city is famous.
  • Students are going to learn how to shop and find things in Japan. Students will be able to inquire information about products and their prices by learning how to use demonstrative pronouns.
  • Students will become familiar with Japanese school life and culture.
  • Students will identify and describe different Japanese holidays and demonstrate how to celebrate appropriately.

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