Physical Education 8th Grade

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Physical Education 8th Grade
Physical Education for middle school students is designed so that students can continue to develop skills in familiar sports and acquire skills and knowledge in new sports. Physical Education is also emphasized with short sessions of jogging, stretching, rhythm, and resistance exercises as a part of each day’s activities. The goal of Physical Education is to provide each student with the knowledge and desire to pursue fitness throughout life. This 8th grade course will introduce students to the foundations of physical fitness and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to design a fitness program. This includes: (1) assessing their personal fitness levels; (2) creating a plan for improvement; (3) setting physical activity and fitness goals; (4) participating in a variety of physical activities (e.g. weight training, aerobics, individual and team sports, and outdoor pursuits); and (5) using current technology, (e.g. activity trackers, heart rate monitors, pedometers, and computerized fitness assessment programs).

Subject: Health & PE
State Number: 86000
Course Credits: No Credit Course
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