Driver Education, Fueled by Launch

Savannah WaszczukBreaking News

As multiple public Missouri school districts struggle to staff and offer Driver Education to students, Launch provides a solution for partner districts statewide.

Student learning to drive

As we continually visit public school districts across the state, we’re hearing more and more of a common complaint: It’s becoming increasingly challenging to find certified Driver Education instructors. Luckily, we have a solution—all Missouri public school students can take Driver Education online with Launch if their school district is a Launch partner.

Springfield News-Leader, a newspaper in Springfield, Missouri, where Launch is headquartered, recently featured Launch’s Driver Education course in columnist Steve Pokin’s “Pokin Around” article. The story also features information on Mercy hospital’s Driver Education offerings, which range from $220–330. Launch’s Driver Education course is free to Springfield Public Schools students, as well as thousands of other students who attend Launch partner districts statewide—in partner districts, schools pay Launch a tuition for the course.

Launch’s Driver Education course provides classroom instruction to teach the skills, responsibilities and behaviors needed to become a safe driver and meets the requirements for a reduction in insurance rates. At press time, the course had 163 students enrolled. For more information on enrolling students in Launch’s Driver Education course, contact Savannah Waszczuk at