Launch FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Launch? Review our most common questions and answers below.

How is Launch different from for-profit online course providers?

This statewide, collaborative approach provides high-quality virtual course access for Missouri students, designed, developed and delivered by Missouri educators. Launch courses are built using Missouri Learning Standards and Launch only hires highly-qualified Missouri teachers. Many for-profit online course providers devote a large amount of their revenue to marketing and out of state salaries. For-profit companies may also hire teachers who may not be Missouri teachers and do not have highly-qualified status.

How does Launch ensure quality course development?

Online courses developed through Launch undergo a rigorous development process that starts with Missouri teachers designing courses using Missouri Learning Standards, utilizing curriculum experts and Digital Learning Developers. A formal review process is also built into all course development. The annual review process ensures courses maintain relevance, contain the latest resources, and meet accessibility compliance.

How are Launch teachers hired?

Launch teachers hold valid Missouri teacher certification and meet highly-qualified status for subject areas taught. Launch employs full-time teachers and adjunct teachers. Teachers may apply for Launch teaching positions through Springfield Public Schools’ Human Resources Department. Launch teachers participate in on-boarding and training processes.

How much does it cost to partner with Launch?

All Launch partner districts are charged a one-time joining fee based on K-12 size. Traditional Virtual and Credit Acquisition courses are $255 per 0.5 credit, and credit recovery licenses are $75–150 per license.

Will I still collect ADA on these students?

Districts collect 94% ADA for students enrolled in virtual hour(s).

How can I enroll my student in Launch courses?

All enrollments must come through the student’s school counselor or Launch liaison.

Are you able to accommodate IEP/504 plans?


Can I monitor my child’s work?

Yes, Launch will provide you will a parent observer account.

What does my child do when they need help?

Launch students should contact their teachers with content-related questions. Tech support is provided by the Launch office seven days per week. Students can call 417-523-0417 or email [email protected].