Launch Missouri’s Workforce: Program Goals

Dr. Nichole Lemmon, Launch’s Director of Virtual Learning, identifies the goals of the Launch Missouri’s Workforce initiative.
By Savannah Waszczuk

1. Expand Student Opportunity.

Since the beginning, one of Launch’s core objectives has been to provide all Missouri students access to quality virtual courses, regardless of zip code. Our Launch Missouri’s Workforce initiative will expand on this opportunity. “There are school districts of all sizes across Missouri, and they aren’t all able to deliver career-focused education courses,” Dr. Lemmon says. “By offering these classes in a virtual format, we’re able to help districts provide student opportunities that otherwise may not exist.” 

2. Provide Career Exposure.

Launch Missouri’s Workforce will provide students with exposure to careers that are vital to the Missouri economy. “These pathways have been vetted and identified as essential career pathways for our state,” Dr. Lemmon says. “By ensuring that high school students know about the jobs that exist in Missouri and in their local communities, we’re not only allowing them to start planning for life after graduation—we’re also helping develop more skilled workers for our Missouri economy.” 

3. Connect Students with Industry Experts.

What’s one of the best ways to gauge career interest? Ask an expert! “Our goal is to have both live and asynchronous opportunities for students to talk with industry experts to ensure that they have a real-life understanding of what the career is, what it involves and the skills it will take to get there,” Dr. Lemmon says. “We’re continually working on making connections all over the state to ensure our students can have that mentorship and conversation.” 

4. Contribute to Future Success.

Whether students decide to receive additional training and education or immediately jump into their careers, they’ll be prepared. “These students are earning skills and credentials that allow them to go immediately into the workforce, if that’s their preference,” Dr. Lemmon says. “They’ll have options.”