Middle School Makeup

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch, Course Highlights


Launch’s middle school remediation courses help students recover key skills and prepare for the upcoming school year.

In high school, students who fail courses can often makeup credits and recover key skills by taking a credit recovery course. But what about middle schoolers? Thanks to Launch, they are able to take a remediation version of the course they failed during the summer session.

“We offer middle school remediation courses for all key subject areas,” says Launch Coordinator of Course Development Dr. Meghan Roe. “The goal of these courses is to prepare students for the curriculum they'll encounter in the next grade level.”

Launch’s remediation offerings cover content that is aligned to Missouri Learning Standards, and each course comes with a full-time, Missouri-certified teacher who works at a Launch partner district. Read on to learn more about Launch’s middle school remediation offerings.

English Language Arts

The content in sixth grade ELA focuses on four methods of effective communication including writing, reading, listening and speaking. Grade 7 ELA content helps students develop critical language arts skills revolving around the four above areas plus research. In grade 8, students further develop competency in reading, writing, speaking, listening and information literacy.


In sixth grade, mathematics students study ratios and proportional relationships; number sense and operations; expressions, equations and inequalities; geometry and measurement; and data analysis, statistics and probability. Grade 7 features content around multiple areas including scale drawings, proportional relationships and rational number arithmetic, and eighth graders study transformational geometry, proportional relationships,
linear equations, exponents and scientific notation and more.


Sixth grade science students investigate objectives within the subject content area of earth science and explore the relevance of science and technology to society. In grade 7, students increase learning about life science concepts and apply those concepts to the world around them. In eighth grade, science students focus on introductory chemical and physical science concepts.

Social Studies

Students enrolled in Launch’s sixth grade Social Studies course study an introduction to ancient world history. Topics of focus include early civilizations, classical civilizations, foundations for representative government and more. In seventh grade, students begin to focus on world geography by studying various countries and regional areas, and grade 8 features content that focuses on American history from Colonization through
the Civil War.