Partnering to Provide: Inside HQ

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch

Each day, nearly two dozen employees report to the Launch headquarters to build and instruct virtual courses and provide support for partner district administrators, parents and students.

Based in the administration building at Springfield Public Schools, the Launch headquarters is a happening place. While a support team works to answer a steady stream of phone calls, the development team transforms seated course content into an online format. Meanwhile, the student services crew schedules another online-only student for the last course they need to earn their diploma, and the marketing and engagement crew welcomes a new Missouri school district to Launch’s world of online learning. Get a glimpse of each of our teams below.

Student Services
What’s the best way to describe the five individuals on the Launch Student Services team? Hearts of gold. While every one of us on the Launch team is passionate about helping kids, these five are the ones responsible for processing all of Launch’s enrollments—a number that reached nearly 23,000 in summer 2019—and scheduling all students in Launch courses. This team also manages attendance and supports and coaches all Launch teachers. They work to support thousands of students in both Springfield Public schools and at all partner districts. Oh, and did we mention the extra one-on-one support they provide to online-only students to help get them to graduation?

Development & Support
Good, better, best—never let it rest. The Development team members at Launch don’t only work with curriculum specialists and teachers to transform seated courses into an online format—they also regularly review all Launch courses to ensure quality. In fact, by October 2019, all of the dev team’s 9 members will be Quality Matters certified! The team also includes a custom programmer who helps make sure our classes run smoothly and also ensures partner districts can easily enroll students, and there are two support team specialists who provide Launch tech support seven days a week.

Marketing & Engagement
When it comes to providing students statewide with quality course access, we have to spread the word—no one can enroll in our classes if they don’t know they are offered in their school district! Launch’s marketing and engagement team works with partner districts to customize marketing materials so that each district can share information on Launch courses with parents, students and community members. The team is also in charge of helping make the Launch brand known and—in return—getting additional school districts and organizations to work with Launch. If you’re looking to partner, give our M&E team a call!