The Details on Dual Credit

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch

Launch partners with Missouri State University and Drury University to offer students dual credit options.
When it comes to the benefits of taking a dual credit course in high school, the list is quite long. Students are exposed to advanced curriculum, they’re getting a jumpstart on their college education, and they typically pay only a fraction of the tuition that they would pay if they were to take the course while in college. Add the virtual aspect of Launch to the mix, and students can now earn dual credit from anywhere in the state.
Launch expanded its dual credit offerings in fall 2018 and works with both Missouri State University and Drury University to provide its expanded offerings to students. “We’re excited to be working with these two universities to provide students dual credit options,” says Launch Director Dr. Nichole Lemmon. “Our goal is always to do what’s best for kids. This is a great opportunity for students statewide.”
The majority of Launch’s dual credit courses are offered in conjunction with Missouri State University. “For us, it’s all about getting access and affordability to students,” says Angela Young, Director of Dual Credit and Outreach at Missouri State University. And by affordability, Young is referring to the reduced cost: in addition to Launch tuition, the student or partner district is charged a discounted price of $70 per credit hour. “The minimum a student would pay if they were attending Missouri State University is $212 a credit hour,” Young says. This means students from anywhere are able to earn college-level credit at approximately a third of the traditional cost.
As with all Launch courses, dual credit offerings are taught by highly qualified Missouri teachers. These teachers not only instruct and provide feedback in their virtual courses, but they also reach out to parents and guardians, if needed. “Our teachers call home is inactive or not passing,” Dr. Lemmon says. “It’s important to us that they’re doing everything they can to help our students.”