The Launch Response: Providing Partners Flexibility

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch, Feature


At Launch, we know offering quality content is only one part of the puzzle—learn how we have worked to best support districts and families both through the thick of the pandemic and today.

  1. Continued Flexibility. When all students were moved online in spring 2020, those who were already enrolled in Launch courses had the option to pause. “We allowed this to help out various families—for example, those who live in rural areas and don’t have internet at home,” says Janna Elfrink, Coordinator of Partner Engagement.
  2. Extended Terms & Drop Dates. Students enrolled in spring 2020 courses were given extra time to complete their work. Those enrolled in fall 2020 semester courses had a longer period of time to drop without penalty. “The extended drop date was especially helpful to districts with new online learners,” Elfrink says. “It allowed more of a trial period for students to determine if they felt they could be successful.” 
  3. Lower Tuition. In summer 2020, Launch announced a price decrease for the fall semester: High school tuition was lowered from $255 per half credit to $225 per half credit, and middle school tuition was lowered from $255 per student per semester to $225 per student per semester. “Providing a tuition discount was one of the main ways we were able to show appreciation to our partners,” says Launch Director Dr. Nichole Lemmon.
  4. District Support. The Launch partner engagement team committed to hosting partner touch-base meetings all summer, and at the start of the Fall 2020 semester. “It was more important than ever that we stayed in constant contact with our partners,” says Elfrink. “As we learned their needs and how they were affected by the pandemic, we were able to provide better support.” 
  5. Parent Support. As thousands of students were moving online for the first time, there were many parents looking for support. Launch’s partner engagement team developed the Parent Start-Up Kit to provide parents with tutorials, guides and a “Getting Started” slideshow to help. Check it out at 

Expanded Staff

An increase in virtual learners means an increase in virtual course enrollments—and this requires more staff. Since spring 2020, Launch has hired more than two dozen new employees, essentially doubling our team. In addition to a large number of full-time teachers, many of Launch's new positions were dedicated to email and phone tech support positions.