A Balancing Act

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch, Why I Launch

During her summer break, Republic High School freshman Kloey Monthei was both a star and a student—the national-level pageant princess earned her PE I credit with Launch.

Kloey Monthei has been competing in pageants since age 6. “I started out with the National American Miss system,” Kloey says. “I love how it bases everything around growing confidence and building public speaking skills.” Now eight years in, Kloey currently has four titles to her name, with the latest deeming her the 2018 Princess of America ambassador. “I traveled a lot for this over last summer,” Kloey says.

To make room in her freshman year schedule at Republic High School, Kloey also took Launch’s Physical Education I class during her break. “What was great about my Launch course was that it provided me flexibility during the summer, and also for my upcoming year,” Kloey says. “The first day my summer course started, I was traveling to Hale, Missouri, for a photo shoot. I had to practice and prepare for pageants when I wasn’t on the road. I liked that Launch allowed me to work ahead, and even do my workouts in advance, so I could stay on track.”