Going the Distance

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 Hillcrest High School student Sophya Batista takes Launch classes online to make time for the other most important thing in her life: boxing. Driven. That’s the one word that best sums up Sophya Batista, a student at Springfield’s Hillcrest … Read More

Teacher Talk: Mr. Scott Hardwicke

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Learn why Launch World Geography teacher Scott Hardwicke is passionate about online learning and how he teaches Missouri students while traveling the globe. “One of the reasons why I teach geography is because my parents really got me to fall … Read More

Yes, Quality Matters

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How do we ensure we’re delivering the best online courses possible? By starting with a philosophy of continuous improvement. Good, better, best. Never let it rest. As Dr. Meghan Roe heads into the Launch offices every morning, this is the … Read More

Why We Launch: Reeds Spring

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Flexible scheduling. Expanded course offerings. Self-paced learning. Hear leaders and students from Reeds Spring High School discuss all the ways they use Launch to expand their district’s educational opportunities. Read the full story in Access Launch.

5 Questions with a Launch Student

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What do Launch students think of our online courses? Branson High School junior Maggi Eighmy dishes on her experience with Launch’s online classes. Access Launch: What Launch classes have you taken? Maggi Eighmy: I took personal finance, ACT Prep and … Read More

Why We Launch: Lebanon

Savannah WaszczukWhy We Launch

As Lebanon High School leaders and students discuss their favorite things about Launch, flexible scheduling options top the list. Hear from multiple district leaders and students on why Launch is a great fit at LHS. Read the full story in … Read More