Why Have a Career in Agribusiness?

Agribusiness represents 1.95 percent of total private sector employment in Missouri, employing more than 44,000 workers in over 2,000 businesses in 2020. Employment in Agribusiness has been steadily growing, increasing an average of 1.6 percent per year from 2015 to 2020. Missouri has high employment concentrations in Agribusiness, particularly in Agriculture Chemical Manufacturing, Dairy Product Manufacturing, and Grain & Oilseed Milling. Wages in Agribusiness averaged $49,041 in 2020, lower than the $54,801 state average for all industries.

A variety of careers are possible in fields suchas Crop & Animal Production, Research &Development, Logging, and Business Operations & Sales.

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Requirements: Agribusiness

Launch Course Sequence:

Agricultural Science I – Ag Business Emphasis
Agricultural Sales & Marketing (Coming Fall 2024)

Missouri Industry Recognized Credential Options:

Mo Agriculture Skill & Knowledge Assessment (AGSK)

Key = Honors, Dual Credit, Advanced Placement, Half Credit, Full Credit

Know the Basics

Agribusiness is defined as the group of industries dealing with agricultural products and services required in farming and food production. Soft skills, such as interpersonal skills, professionalism, and dependability are important in all industries and occupations, including Agribusiness occupations.

Skills needed for Success

Agribusiness is a rapidly evolving industry. Understanding environmental impact on crops and livestock, as well as, keeping up with new research in crop, water, and soil management is important. Safety issues and quality control are also a critical part of this industry, so attention to detail and continuous learning are necessary.